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Rigid Lights - Q Series UNIVERSAL

Brand: Rigid Industries | Category: Lighting


54481 Q2 Series Light
Optics Driving/Hyperspot Combo
24471 Q Series Light
Optics Flood/Down Diffused
54411 Q2 Series Light
Optics Wide
54471 Q2 Series Light
Optics Hyperspot
24421 Q Series Light
Optics Spot
24451 Q Series Light
Optics 60 Deg Diffused
24461 Q Series Light
Optics Spot/Down Diffused
54461 Q2 Series Light
Optics Driving/Down Diffused
24411 Q Series Light
Optics Flood
54431 Q2 Series Light
Optics Driving
54451 Q2 Series Light
Optics 60 Deg Diffused
54431EM Q Series Driving E-Mark Light
Optics Driving

Product Description

A combination of 4 Dually / D2 optics into one large sturdy housing with a vibration isolator and 304 stainless bracket included. The size specifications are as followed Height 6.79”, Width 6.75” and the Depth 3.42”. For use in a heavy duty commercial environment for Agriculture, Fire and Rescue, Commercial truck, Marine, Off-Road and Power Sports. Q-Series covers also include a 50% forward projecting and 50% area light option to project the light where and how you really need it. Designed specifically to function in any environment and withstand any abuse. These LED Lights are big, bright, and heavy duty!

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