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Skunk2 Promotional Products UNIVERSAL

Brand: Skunk2 | Category: Promo Products


836-99-1440 Shop Banner
837-99-1460 Decal Pack
Includes Windshield Visor & 2 Side Decals
838-99-1450 Live The Dream License Plate Frame
840-99-2520 Muscle Machines Skunk2 RSX
Coloer Grey
840-99-2525 Muscle Machines Skunk2 RSX
Coloer White
839-99-2700 R&D SHOP Poster
839-99-2710 CIVIC SiR Poster
839-99-2720 CIVIC RR Poster
839-99-2730 RSX-T Poster
839-99-2740 FIT Poster
839-99-2750 Accessories Poster
838-99-1460 Go Faster License Plate Frame
839-99-2760 Godfathers Of 'K' Poster
836-99-1441 Shop Banner
Color Red
Size 60in x 20in
836-99-1442 Shop Banner
Color Silver
Size 60in x 20in
836-99-1443 Shop Banner
Color Black
Size 60in x 20in
839-99-2780 Skunk2 15th Anniversary Poster
836-99-1445 Shop Banner
Authorized Dealer
Color Black
Size 6ft
839-99-2800 Nice Ass 06+ Civic Rear Bumper Poster
837-99-1012 Skunk2 Decal
Set of 2
Color White w/Black/Red Logo
Size 12in
837-99-1018 Skunk2 Decal
Set of 2
Color White w/Black/Red Logo
Size 18in
837-99-1024 Skunk2 Decal
Set of 2
Color White w/Black/Red Logo
Size 24in
839-99-2790 Pro-S V.2 Coilovers YAFIYGI Poster
837-99-1035 Decal/Windshield Banner
Set of 2
Color White w/Black/Red Logo
Size 35in
837-99-1005 Skunk2 Decal
Set of 2
Color White w/Black/Red Logo
Size 5in
888-99-2013 2013 Wall Calendar, Limited Edition
888-99-0070 Accessory Kit
Color Polished
888-99-0071 Accessory Kit
Color Black
836-99-1444 Shop Banner
Size 6ft
888-99-3000 Race Track Logo Keychain
837-99-1470 Decal Pack
Haters Gon Hate
888-99-9002 Skunk2 Lanyard
837-99-1480 Save the SOHC Decal
Set of 2
735-99-1530 T-Shirt
Puerto Rico Edition
Color Black
Size Small
837-99-1390 Gear Headz Decal Kit
Color Titanium
837-99-1410 Gear Headz Decal Kit
Color Black
838-99-1470 License Plate Frame Insert
888-99-0122 Logo Stencil
Size 19.00" Wide X 5.50" Tall
888-99-4000 Skunk2 Koozie Drink Cooler

Product Description

Show you Skunk2 Pride with Skunk2 Promo Products!

  • License Plate Frame: Make sure people know what ‘you got in your car’ when you pass them by!
  • Shop Banner: The bright yellow Skunk2 Shop Banner is the perfect way to dressup your garage. Grab one from a local racing event, or buy one from a Skunk2 Racing dealer!
  • Decal Packet: Features three 3-color die-cut vinyl decals. Includes 1x windshield banner and 2× 12” side decals.
  • Sticker Sheet: Various Skunk2 logo designs and sizes on an 11” x 17” die-cut sheet. Stick ‘em on your car, toolbox, or whatever you’d like.

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